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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suzuki Titan 115 Compare to Smash 110

What is the difference with the Suzuki Smash 115 Smash 110 Titan?
GM Sales PT Indomobil Suzuki Wheels-2 said that Titan is total new, both engine and model. In accordance with additional points behind, there is a difference in engine capacity. If Smash 110 cc, the Titan have 115 cc capacity.Actually, only increased by 3 cc fron smash capacity, or a 113 cc

With changes to the engine's performance, Titan  is slightly better than  Smash. In Thailand, this is called the New Smash Titans, while the old version with a machine called the Smash Revo 110.

The dimensions doesn't have much change. However, Titan have
15 mm longer wheelbase. Nevertheless, according to data from PT SIS, it turns out the standard Titan 4 kg heavier than Smash. When using the casting wheel disc brakes, the weight increased 2 kg so the total weight of 102 kg.

A glimpse of the lights and the front hood is similar because of the format and placement of the headlights Sein lights on the front hood similar. However, the rear of the Titan round headlights, while Smash sharp angle. Sein position lights are also below. Design front sepatbor also different.

Instrument panel.
Titan 3D design consists of two parts, the speedometer and white-month basis, in no trip meters with a black base. Dental indicators, ranging from below, upward.

Exhaust and rear lights.
Encrusted chrome exhaust only. Titan plain without accentuation like Smash. The rear lights, although the same format in the middle of the red and white on the side, there is little difference in the corners of the lamp. Then, stirrup or holding back on Titan painted black.

Additional capacity is done by changing the diameter and the step machine. Titan's engine is more upright position and the valve is longer. It is equipped with a throttle position switch (TPS), which is also used in the Shogun.

Titan Machinery, is a long type of stroke or stride. It can be seen with 51 mm diameter cylinder and measures 55.2 mm or 7.6 mm longer than Smash 110.

The result, engine power increased 0.1 PS, while torque is a significant increase, which is 1.7 Nm. This change was done so that more efficient fuel consumption.

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